The perfect burger joint recipe

Here’s a simple, three-step recipe for creating the perfect burger joint:

  1. Great burgers with bacon
  2. Great fries
  3. Great shakes

Few have followed this recipe, and I don’t understand why.

In-N-Out? Great burgers, but no bacon. Let me repeat: you cannot get an In-N-Out burger with bacon. If you ask, they will say “no.” A burger with 20 patties? Sure. Bacon? GO AWAY. Fries are pretty bad (not that great fresh and worthless after they cool off a bit). Shakes are so-so. I get the feeling their shakes and fries are cheap because their prices are sooo low. They could stand to charge more and improve their offering.

Five Guys? Great burgers and bacon (although a little overcooked, typically). Fries are great and plentiful, but no shakes at all. WHAT. They went to the trouble of adding these fancy soda jukebox machines that let you pick from every soda flavor the Coca-Cola company has ever dreamt of, but there’s no milkshake button (I looked for like an hour). Also, what is with mixing Helvetica and Tekton together in your signage? Stop that.

Super Duper? Ah, here’s a contender. A little pricey and boutique-ish (well, it’s a SF-based place, so I understand), but the burgers are good and the bacon is there. Great shakes. Fries are good but could be better.

Shake Shack is great as I recall on all points. But I have to fly to New York to get one and that’s out of my price range. PLEASE COME TO CALIFORNIA I BEG OF YOU.


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